Solid Bubbles/Scoop/Bar

Solid Bubbles/Scoop/Bar

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This Bubble Scoop will create a lovely bubbly bath with added softening cocoa butter and fragrances floating around your bathroom!

 All our Bubble Bars & Scoops are handmade therefore no two are the same in design, weight or colour.

Directions: Break/crumble into small pieces, put them into the organza bag and hang onto the tap. If needed use your hand to swirl the water to create more bubbles. 

This bag provides enough for 1-2 baths depending on personal preference.

Rinse bath well after use.

External use only. Not for children under 3 years of age.

Each Bubble Bar has a Best Before date of 12months from manufacture, however we suggest using within 6months of purchase for optimum performance in the tub. Always keep Bubble Bars out of sunlight, best when stored in a cool dark place to maintain their colours and fragrance.